Englisch LK – Menge


13.2 E – LK II, 2. Klausur 14.05.1999

1) Summarize the two and a half years of English–LK with Mr. Menge.

2) Which devices did Mr. Menge use to make the lessons interesting?

3) Which devices did the students use to make the lessons interesting?

4) Can you remember extra–curricular activities that have taken place?

5) What is your opinion of the last two and a half years?

Please count your words.

Good luck!

1) Some pupils have already been „suffering“ from Mr. Menge for six years, so they knew exactly what they were going to be confronted with. For the others, it did not take long to get a slight idea of it, too.

On the whole, it was a nice time, although most of the lessons were completely boring. But sometimes Mr. Menge made those jokes that compensate for all the quite boring minutes you had to suffer before, thus proving to be a real entertainer.

2) There were numerous devices Mr. Menge used to make the lessons interesting, the notorious journeys to the „Sprachlabor“ and the extensive use of overhead projectors, for instance. Mr. Menge was one of the last supporters of the „Sprachlabor“, so we had to go there frequently and listen to interesting things such as the description of the Indian „Rain Dance“.

His jokes were more successful, especially the ones concerning the „Hitdorfer“. Jokes on the „Hitdorfer“ were always killing the whole class, except –of course- the small minority of „Hitdorfer“. When Mr. Menge noticed that nobody listened to him, he often began to tell stories of his private life. The career of his son, for example, or his objections to an Internet connection: „Who would write me? Except of some perverts?“

Another hobby horse of Mr. Menge was to impress us by using french philosophical sayings such as „Olaf, Dieu te pardonnera, c’est son métier!“ (zu deutsch: Olaf, Gott wird dir vergeben, das ist sein Beruf!). Also worth being mentioned is his great talent for acting, which first became apparent when we read the „Death of a Salesman“ in class and Mr. Menge convincingly imitated the completely exhausted Willy Loman coming home with his bag in his hand (unfortunately, there were no pictures available!).

3) The pupils‘ activities were quite different, because every student had his own tactic to make the lessons bearable. Some talked to their neighbours, some had another breakfast, some built a new Tornado generation out of paper, some tried the art of Origami and some played hangman.

4) No, somebody told me there was a class meeting, but I can’t remember.

5) On the whole, it was a nice time, though most of the lessons were not exactly exciting. But the class was nice and some pupils even learned something. The teacher was nice and fair, so, by and large, we did not have a reason to complain.

405 words.

Christian Spaan


Listen up, kids, this is what you need to know!

(Meinem Leistungskurs ins Poesiealbum geschrieben)

1. Dann werden die Kinder den Erziehern übergeben, welche man aus den sanftesten, arbeitsamsten, verdienstvollsten, mit einem Wort, aus den zu dieser erhabenen Bestimmung geschicktesten Personen beiderlei Geschlechts wählt, weil es unter den Ehrenstellen unserer Republik die geehrteste ist. Das heilige Geschäft, welches ihnen obliegt, macht sie wert, und jedermann drängt sich, ihnen mit Gefälligkeiten zuvorzukommen.

(Restif de la Bretonne, Der fliegende Mensch, 1781)

2. Wer den Esel vor sich hertreibt, muß seinen Furz ertragen.

(Türkisches Sprichwort)

3. ………., fleißig den Konjunktiv und die Toleranz zu üben.

(G. Grass)

4. Es gibt nicht nur die Gefahr, daß du zuviel riskierst, es gibt auch die Gefahr, daß du zuwenig riskierst. Dem Gehenden schiebt sich der Weg unter die Füße. Man muß nur den nächsten Schritt tun. Mehr als den nächsten Schritt kann man überhaupt nicht tun.

(M. Walser)

5. The more a man knows about individual objects, the more he knows about God.


6. Alles prüfte der Mensch, sagen die Himmlischen, Daß er kräftig genährt, danken für alles lern, Uns verstehe die Freiheit Aufzubrechen, wohin er will.


Mit Dank für alles

Jochen Menge